Brand Name Decoded

Brand Name Decoded


Find out how intuitive you were when you chose your business name. It might just be that your business is one thing and your business name says something else. Learn everything that your business name means when decoded and what could be added to business to fully match it to it's name.



BIORE - numerologicaly means to be a stand alone company without partners that has unique recipies. Medical (also suit jewellers). If anyone knows Biore was restricted in Australia until they tweeked their formulas as their original ones are too cosmeceutical.  It was only then that they were allowed on Australian shelves as basic cosmetical. Biore probably didn't use the numerology back then to create their name but they choose a perfect one and I, as a numerologist, can see that their true intention was to create cosmeceutical products which may seem rebellious in it's field for the regulating authorities.

WIX - numerologically are about making comfort and betterment to others (also suit arts, music, hotels, restaurants, design, beauty, fashion). So anything that requires imagination and exudes comfort will be WIXish. I can easily say that they genuinely match their business name as their product was very comfortable and creative to use, including the customer service displaying comforting and assistive character.