Welcome to QinSIGHT. If you are curious - QinSIGHT name has also been generated using numeric decoding and compatibility to owner's own data. 

Universe gives us many clues and it is up to us to decide which of them we wish to learn to read. Cyphrology is what QinSIGHT's about. Letters and Numbers are markers in space and time, they are not coincidental. Alphanumeric data is a unique code and it has information hidden within. It is a genuine tool in counselling, business, family and health matters. 

PS you may see word KARMIC used in reports. Karmic as an adjective means - life annoyances attack no matter how hard you try. There is always heaviness, blockage or overwhelming unavoidability feeling even in simple things. If you happen to feel that way already on some matters it really is worth to look and getting a metaphysical perspective on things.

Who is behind the screen?

This website owner is your numerologist. I will be manually writing everything I know about you from your biometric data. 

Do same birthdates mean similar people?

You will be surprised that your report results do not match the basics that you can easily find on internet. I also look at data from your full name that may change the standard meaning. Every single case is unique even if they are twins. 

What information is needed from me?

Factual birthdate (the day you were physically born), your biological father's surname at the time of your birth and your full name at the time of birth. Not all reports require such specifics. Please check product descriptions or ask me.

What's special about your reports?

Report seems like a psychic reading! In reality, it is multitude of details joined together as a single story. It is time consuming but a very interesting process for me.

Cannot decide what to order

Feel free to send me a message via chat button. Customising orders will depend on what tools I will need to use to help you get another perspective on your situation.

Can I order a report for someone else?

Yes! Discovering more about your friends and family can be a very good place to start. I even had looked at deceased relatives to give and receive some closure.

Blue Abstract Shapes

This numerology reading was an eye opener for me. It was incredibly accurate on personal foreseen facts. Clear description and message for the ones interested in finding relief in matters of the heart and soul journey and understanding some of the reasons for past, present and future personal life development.